Solin (near Split) for future medals

Men club team OKI Split hosted Croatian women sitting volleyball team for five days. During preparations, women played aginst men, and lost 3:1. The journalist who followed women team for five days concluded that concluded that Split was not a good host for women.

This was just a joke. The real truth about women sitting volleyball team preparation showed OKI Split as very good host Sport hall prepared without costs in cooperation with City major of Solin, Mr.Dalibor Ninčević, the owner of fitness centre Guliver offered free trainings, and secretary of OKI Split, actual assistant coach of women national team, Mr.Maretić organized accommodation and nice birthday party for one of women players.

During this preparation the President of Croatian Sitting Volleyball Federation, Mrs.Pavić and actual player took opportunity to inform all interesed in sitting volleyball palying how to participate and join to sitting volleyball.

CRO women team is still young team, founded by the end of 2012, and is still learning and improving in sitting volleyball. By the begining of this year, Executive board of CRO sitting volleyball federation, elected new National Coach, Mr.Pavičić who is optimist for European Championship in November in Poreč.

It is to notice that there are no women sitting volleyball club teams in Croatia, and women national team members are playing in men club teams, competing in men sitting volleyball national league. The idea of increasing number of women sitting volleyball players include founding women sitting volleyball club teams in future, and playing more and more games with foeregin women teams in area.